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Khaskheli Construction PVT.LTD

Architectural Drawings

Rs 25/per covered Area (Design charges Only)

Details Such as: Plan + Wind Circulation Plan, Elevation Detail Drawing, Section Drawing, Architectural Detail Drawing, Staircase Details Drawing, Construction Details Drawings, Foundation Detailed

Modern 3d Elevation Design

Rs 35,000/per Design (Design charges Only)

Khaskheli Construction Design Team collectively works as Group of Consultants is a Pakistan creative group which specializes in 3D architectural renderings and animations. We focus on, 3D modeling, 3D illustrations, 3D animations and industrial design

Interior Design (Residential)

Rs 35000/per Room (Design charges + Free Supervision)

Interior Design (Residential) YOUR HOME SHOULD TELL THE STORY OF WHO YOU ARE AND BE A COLLECTION OF WHAT YOU LOVE. Interior designers are tasked with designing, implementing and refurbishing interior